Padlock Shim Training Kit
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Padlock Shim Training Kit

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One of my favorite moments in all of Scam School is when my good friend Dan Martin came on the show to us how to make padlock shims from a tin can.  Check it out, along with my classic spiky hair on this week's Behind the Scam:

Busting through padlocks using a shim is easier than you might think, but still requires a good bit of practice and training, which is why we've put together our first ever Padlock Shim Training Kit, including everything you need to get started.

The full training kit includes:

  • 20 padlock shims, including various sizes designed to infiltrate the 4 most common shackle sizes.
  • A beginner training padlock.  This super-simple lock only has one latch, which means you only need to learn to shim one side.  (It's the perfect starter lock, and I guarantee you'll get this puppy open in under 5 minutes.)
  • An advanced training padlock with exposed view. Once you've tackled the beginner padlock, you're ready for the big leagues:  A double-latched exposed training padlock.  You'll need two shims to work this guy open, but the good news is that the exposed face will allow you see exactly how the shims are performing their magic.

Check out the full episode with Dan Martin on how to shim locks to learn how to make your own shims out of tin cans!


Remember to check your state laws before ordering any of this, and never attempt to open a lock that you don't personally own.