Rich Ferguson Bills + Mystery Bonus Gift
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Rich Ferguson Bills + Mystery Bonus Gift

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Rich Ferguson blew my mind with this incredible effect he shared on Scam School.  It genuinely fooled me, it's easy-to-do, and you can learn it in just a few minutes. Check it out!

It's pretty great, right?  Unfortunately, finding the right bills at the bank is harder than you might think.

To put these sets together, we called about 24 banks in our area over the course of two weeks, drove to the four different banks that had what we needed, evaluated the wear and tear on each set of bills, and then divided up the bills so that each set included the correct serial numbers for the effect to work.

It took us the better part of two days.  In case you're anything like us and that setup sounds like a miserable process to you... we've already done all of those boring, tedious errands for you, and pre-made sets that are perfect for this effect.  You only end up spending a small premium to get out of doing the dirty work.

Not only that, we're including a bonus mystery gift (valued at $15) with every set purchased.  So, even if you are some crazy sicko who finds pleasure in hunting down sequential bills from the bank, the teller isn't going to hand you a special gift for making him check the vault for you... (except maybe a giant eye roll and a 10 cent lollipop).

You'll get a 20 bill set (10 special bills) + mystery bonus gift for $34.99

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