The Rogue's Chemistry Set
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The Rogue's Chemistry Set

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Yo, all! Jason and I cook steaks using science on this week's Modern Rogue. It was super-dangerous and insane... You gotta check this one out:

"Oh, man. That looked awesome. I wonder where I can get those chemicals!?" No idea. Maybe, I buy a chemistry set or something?



Oh, hey: unrelatedly, guess what? SCAMSTUFF.COM NOW HAS A CHEMISTRY SET!

Introducing The Rogue's Chemistry Set! What's included? Aluminum powder and red iron oxide at a 3:8 ratio, and that's all. That's it. Literally nothing else comes in this kit. No instructions, no directions....Just Rust and Aluminum powder, which which you can do whatever you like. (oh, wait... you also get some strips of magnesium, which burn at over 3,000 degrees.

Which, hopefully, will be useful for whatever it is you plan to do with this kit.) What could it be used for? No idea. But whatever you intend to do with it: be safe, do your research, and be over the age of 18 and assume all risks associated with conducting any scientific experiment.

Seriously: We are so very much not encouraging you to do anything, just providing some common chemicals. So anyway, if you're a true scientist (who loves badass chemical reactions that make you look like a Bond villain), get ready for your own personal (totally responsible) 4th of July party!

How much is in each set?

The Small size includes 3 miniature experiments (7.2 oz of material), with 6 magnesium strips.

The Large size includes 5 miniature experiments (12 oz of material), with 10 magnesium strips.

Please note: Due to the nature of the items in this set, we can only ship to the contiguous United States - so sorry for those of you in Alaska, Hawaii, and in other countries.

Additionally, your shipment will come via ORM-D mail and is packaged by hand; therefore will take longer than usual to arrive, approximately 2-3 weeks.