The Contender - The Party Debate Game

The Contender - The Party Debate Game


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Everyone Laughs.  Nobody Dies.

Guys, I couldn't be more excited about this: Scam Stuff is now carrying "The Contender," the #1 highest reviewed card game on Amazon not named "Cards Against Humanity."

If you thought this year's debates were a trainwreck, that's *nothing* compared to the nonsense that'll happen while you play this with your friends.

The game is simple and easy to learn:  pull cards, use them to arrange arguments, then do your best to please the moderator and crack up your friends.  The best part?  You don't need to know (or care) a single bit about politics.

Everyone loves this game, and last night I finally got to find out why.  Check us out playing it on this week's Behind the Scam.

You're going to love it.  Everyone will laugh.  And then you'll be surprised to get a phone call from me saying "SEE! TOLD YA!"