What happened to the store?!
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What happened to the store?!

Only two products for sale? This is madness! Madness I say!!

Or... is it the ultimate gamble?

Ok. It's not a gamble. Because gambling is bad. But what if you could win every time?
It's more of a jackpot. A MYSTERY JACKPOT.

Brand new to Scam Stuff, we're doing something we've never done before. A mystery selection of random products we dug out of the dark history and dusty corners of our warehouse's past. Some items we've discontinued a long time ago, some items are just ship-shy of a few dents and scrapes.

We've got two tiers of random for you: $20 and $50. When you buy a box, we'll fill it with the bizarre wonders we've dragged out of the vault and dusted off (or accidentally knocked off the table). You're gonna score ultimate luck with some exotic items WAY out of the price range of these boxes.

So, what'ddya say?

Brian Brushwood January 13, 2017 0 tags (show)



Michael said:

I ordered the $50 box. I’m hoping that with a shipping charge of $25 that I’ll get a VW Microbus with a few small dings… or at least a box large enough to hold said microbus… :)


silas said:

I received mine today (i think). i was expecting multiple items in a bigger box but i received one of the outlaws relic boxes with the coin and one deck of cards in the box but excluding the secondary deck not in the package like the item description says. in the email he sent out saying that the boxes were shipping the photo showed bigger boxes. not disappointed but feel a little misled. regardless it was what they promised, which was more expensive items than you paid for.

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