Ultraviolet Thief Detection Kit

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Figure out who's stealing your sandwiches at work!

For those of you who've been binge-watching my TV series Hacking the System, you'll remember one particularly awesome substance that we used twice on the show: once to figure out the secret code on someone's home alarm system and again to figure out who was messing with our computer.

This clever substance is known as ultraviolet print powder, a super-fine dust that you can sprinkle on anything... the eyes won't detect it and the fingers won't feel it BUT when you wanna know who's been messing with your stuff?

Under an ultraviolet light, bingo: it fluoresces and you've caught the thief right in the act.

Indoors you can use this in powder form - just sprinkle it on, and it'll sit there until someone touches it.  And if you're outdoors where it's windy, you can mix it with some Vaseline to make a long-term fluorescing jelly!

This ultraviolet powder and paste can be applied to locks, fire alarm boxes, off-limits door knobs, computer keyboards, etc., from there, just shine the light on your suspect's fingers and they're caught red-handed (or in this case, bluish purple-handed).

When we used this stuff on the show, we bought everything separately and it got pretty expensive: powder+UV flashlight+batteries added up quick. That's why at Scam Stuff we're launching an Ultraviolet Thief Detection Kit that comes with everything you need to start immediately, including the specialized powder, ultraviolet LED light, and 3 AAA batteries.

Normally this stuff together costs $42, but we've got it for just $31.97!

Let me know what kind of clever uses you guys come up with for this stuff.  The possibilities are endless, and you're gonna love it.