Card Target + Throwing Star Kit

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We took our original Tactical card throwing kit and we added Ninja Stars and Gold Foil Cards! The full kit includes one (1) 12" x 19" double-sided throwing target. Each target is constructed of a high density, low resistance foam with a frosted finish. These targets are perfect because anything you can throw at it will stick!

Become a deadly ninja-star-card-throwing wizard assassin!

The result is an incredibly satisfying *twack* on impact, and cards that stay wedged in the target.

Next, we're including all the ammo you need to practice with: an assortment of Gold Foil Euro Decks, and metal roofing disks for making Ninja Stars!

Grab a pair of scissors and follow along with me and Jason on our Modern Rogue episode making homemade Ninja Stars! (Check your local state laws before you start MacGyvering.) Once you've harnessed the Steel Dragon, break open your new deck of Gold Foil Cards.

Made from 99.9% 24k gold foil, these cards are razor thin and perfect for precision card throwing. We even compared these to a standard deck of cards and after just five rounds, we had to have a short memorial service for the standard deck. Rest in pieces. The foil deck, on the other hand, was completely unblemished and kept slicing through the target like butter!

Want to review the technique? Check out our recap on this Scam School Remix where we cover both the raw throw and the rubber band method:

Want to take your skills on-the-go and impress your friends? Add a pack of Banshee Throwing Cards and be prepared anywhere!