The Rogue's Tavern

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Get one now before they're gone!

If you've ever wanted a Rogue's Tavern, now's the time to get one before they're gone!


In 2015, we challenged ourselves to design the perfect Scam School bar. A place where everything was exactly as it should be to perform any of the hundreds of effects we've taught on the show. It'd have the perfect type of pint glasses, shot glasses, cards, straws, corks, chains, rubber bands, coasters, matchbooks, matchboxes, and so much more!

In our imaginations, the moment you walked into this bar, you'd be able to perform over 200 of the best Scam School effectswithout a single bit of preparation.

Well, the good news is that we're opening that perfect bar, and we're opening it in your home:

Introducing The Rogue's Tavern. Check it out on this episode of Behind the Scam:


This is it: all of Scam School in one gigantic, epic box. Not only do you get a complete bar kit (including shakers, strainers, bar tools, jiggers, a cutting board, and more), but also dozens of hand-selected items to pull off hundreds of the Scam School effects we've covered over the past eight years. 

You'll get FOUR exclusive pint glasses, TWO shot glasses, BOTH Scam School books, the Arcana (Alpha and Omega) decks, an 1800's Bicycle Marked Deck, the Bar10der multi-tool, coasters, a collection of hard-to-find Scam School accouterments, a tavern dossier, and so much more … including (best of all) …

... a numbered, limited edition membership coin.


Here's your proof that you're one of us. A true Modern Rogue, and a brother-in-arms. And yes, of course I'll buy you a drink if I catch you with one of these. :)

Each set comes in a custom-made pinewood tavern box, and each box is personally branded by yours truly. (And the dossier is signed as well!)


This has been an insane 8-year adventure, and I couldn't be more excited about giving you the ability to have easy-access to pulling off all of these amazing scams inside one, epic 20 pound box of awesome.

Even if someone's never heard of Scam School, within 20 minutes of opening this beast they'll be able to start performing any of 200+ magic tricks and bar amusements … and that's only the beginning of their adventure!

Here's the full list of everything you get:

  • Rogue's Tavern Member Challenge Coin
  • Signed Rogue's Tavern Dossier
  • 4 pint glasses
  • 2 shot glasses
  • The Original Scam School Book
  • Scam School Academy
  • Arcana Alpha
  • Arcana Omega
  • Blue 1800's Vintage Marked Deck
  • Set of bar coasters
  • Bar10der multi-tool set
  • 28 oz shaker
  • 18 oz shaker
  • 1/2 x 1oz jigger
  • Cocktail strainer
  • 10in bar mixing spoon
  • Bottle opener
  • Mini cutting board
  • Placebo Band
  • Fast and Loose Chain
  • Coffee creamer packets
  • Rubber bands
  • Dice
  • FriXion Pen
  • Matchboxes
  • Matchbooks
  • Corks
  • Toothpicks
  • Bottle caps
  • Paper wrapped straws
  • Black stirrer straws
  • Pinewood Rogue's Tavern Box

Read the full dossier here.

Check out our official unboxing video!