The Worst-Aid Kit

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Nine Intensely Evil Chemicals. One Kit of Last Resort.



April Fool's day is always right around the corner with these devilish chemicals in this Scam Stuff original: The Worst-Aid Kit.

A collection so intense it comes in a sealed lock-box, the Worst-Aid Kit includes 9 of the very best, most insane substances we could get our hands on. From stink bombs, to staining agents that spread like wildfire, this kit must be experienced to be believed.

All of these products are only to be used with utmost discretion.  Thoroughly read the descriptions of each item so that you know what you're getting into before using each agent.

The Worst-Aid Kit includes 2 odor agents, 3 irritants, 2 staining agents, 1 environmental modifier, and 1 overpowered laxative:

  • Stink Bomb
    Deploy this and you'll feel like the entire world around you was swallowed up by a skunk's ass from hell.  This unique liquid which exudes a harrowing, assaultive stench so foul that it will overwhelm everyone in its vicinity.

    Forget those fart spray cans that add a whiff of smell to the air; they're all eventually blown away by the wind.  This stuff will soak into whatever it's poured onto and still smell for years to come.  Its proprietary formula is classified as a military-grade putricant, not even in the same league as the novelty “stink bombs” offered elsewhere.  Deploy only with utmost caution and discretion.

  • Doo Drops
    This stuff looks, smells, and feels just like real diarrhea.  The squeeze bottle is perfect for deploying in a variety of situations.

    Many useful applications, all of which will be left to your imagination.  It's just like a tube of explosive diarrhea, except silent for stealth deployments.
  • Hellfire & Brimstone
    This is concentrated discomfort -- it stings, it burns.  When applied to skin, the feeling will be reminiscent of that time when thousands of fire ants crawled up your back, then started biting you all at once.  The only good news about it is that it eventually stops. Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.  Do not breathe in, for external use only.

  • Panic Powder
    This innocent-looking dust is actually a military-grade riot control agent. Just imagine the surprise when this dust gets airborne, or stuck to one's fingers after a light dusting on, for example, a keyboard.

    First you'll start sneezing, then coughing, and soon you'll feel like you almost can't breathe. Use with extreme discretion, as this is very potent. Packaged in squeeze-bottle applicator for ease of deployment.

  • Green Gas
    Empty this little vial into a hot drink or hot food, wait about 10 minutes, and stand back! The natural herb in this elixir will cause major “natural gas” explosions every few seconds. No matter how hard your mark tries to hold back, there’s no stopping these embarrassing eruptions.

  • Nasty Yellow Teeth
    Just pour this into a drink (soda, coffee, etc.).  Once your target finishes his drink, his mouth, teeth and tongue will have turned a most vomit-retching puke-yellow color!

    And he won't even know it... at least not until he sees the horrified looks on others' faces as they try to keep from tossing their own lunch.  Only use with extreme discretion.

    • Purple Rain
      This downright evil substance starts out as an innocent-looking powder, but when it comes in contact with any moisture, watch out!  Like some sort of alien fungus, this stuff keeps coming out with a seemingly endless supply of dark purple stain.  Just check out how quickly the smallest trace amounts spread:

      Imagine a sprinkle of it in a strategic spot in the bathroom, the doormat where people wipe their wet shoes, the swimming pool area, the drinking fountain, etc.  One of our fans even chimed in to share how he stopped a food-stealing co-worker with this stuff:

      Caution: this will stain most anything - use only with extreme caution and discretion.                                                    
    • Trinidad Scorpion Powder
      The heat level of the pepper is somewhat mild at first but then it builds until it is unbearable and crosses 1.2 million Scoville Heat Unit threshold, creating an intensely hot taste and a significant endorphin rush.

    • Evacuator
      The “Evacuator” is made from a unique natural bark. When mixed with food or liquid, it will cause total uncontrollable “evacuation” via the natural route. Stand CLEAR! Warning: not to be used on others without their consent.