1800's Vintage Marked Deck

1800's Vintage Marked Deck

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Okay, gang... we've all settled it, right? The single best marked deck of cards on the planet is the Ultimate Marked deck, because it uses USPS's trademarked, iconic rider-back design.

Only problem is YES, it's way expensive, because they only sporadically come out in batches. And once they're gone, they're FOR REALS GONE.

Yes, yes... there's a million other marked decks, but they all look fake as crap to me. None of them. have that trustworthy back you grew up seeing. The ones you know aren't fake.

So that's the challenge: how do you make a deck that leverages all the legitimacy of that iconic Rider Back design, but without incurring the wrath of the US playing card company.

Check it out on this week's Behind the Scam:

The 1800's Vintage Marked Deck is exactly that. It's a deck of cards that looks like an artifact from a different age.

Exquisite printing and randomized weathering really makes this look like a 150-year-old heirloom the cards still feel and handle great, but you feel like you're handling them from a different time... (and the best part? The part that will slay you?) *They're secretly a marked deck of cards, available at a FRACTION of the price of our favorite Ultimate Marked Deck*

These guys are diabolical: as they're handled and examined, everyone will think "oh, what a clever variation of the tried, trusted, and very-much-copyrighted Bicycle rider-back design!

But the one thing they'll NEVER suspect, is that they're marked, not in the design, but in the actual cracks of the weathered look.

The markings are hidden in plain sight, and they'll never catch them. Look, let me be clear: if you want legitimacy, it's worth it to get the UMD.

But if you're on a budget, you can pick up the 1800's marked deck.