Modern Rogue Whiskey Bullets

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You're a person of class, originality, and badassery.

When given the choice between chocolate and vanilla, you insist on a plutonium-powered time machine. When your friends want to go bungee jumping, you make sure it's over a river that's home to 40 crocodiles.

And when you pour a glass of Aultmore 25-year aged single malt Scotch whisky, how are you going to chill it? Plain old whiskey rocks? ...ROCKS?

No. You're so much better than that.

No, no, no, no, no... you drop in a fistful of bullets to chill your drink. Because you, my friend, are the baddest of the bad.

These stainless steel bullets can be used to cool your whiskey, scotch, vodka, white wine, or really any beverage you want. Unlike ice cubes, they won't dilute your drink, and the metal surface will make sure they chill much quicker than rocks would.

Plus you'll get to pretend you're an internationally-wanted billionaire arms dealer. One so unbelievably badass that he chills his drinks with bullets.

(and on that point, you'll be more than half right.)

Just toss the bullets into the freezer for a couple hours, then add 2-3 to your drink and enjoy. We recommend using one Whiskey Bullet per 1 oz of whiskey, but no one's stopping you from throwing in all 6 and looking like a total badass.