Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural – 20th Anniversary Edition

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NEW special 3-hour annotated edition! Special guests! Limited edition upgrades available!


Standard Version: Video and audio versions (Digital Download)

Deluxe Version: Video and audio versions plus BONUS 'Making The Spikes' footage (Digital Download)

Ultra Premium Deluxe Super Turbo EX Special Edition Version: Video and audio versions plus BONUS 'Making the Spikes' footage PLUS limited edition promotional poster PLUS one of the original lecture notecards embossed with a seal of authenticity.

Ever wonder how those guys on TV seem to talk to the dead? What about ESP and psychic surgery? How do street scams and cons work? Want to know how YOU can trick your friends into believing you have psychic powers?

As a magician, Brian’s wise to all the tricks used by frauds, tricksters, and con artists …and now he’s ready to take YOU to scam school. This is no ordinary lecture: we’re talking hands-on experiments, a live performance of psychic surgery, free giveaways of cash and prizes, and all the secrets TV psychics DON’T want you to know.

It's over three hours of commentary on the original 80-minute lecture. Topics covered include: scams, cons, ESP, UFOs, skeptic, skepticism, dowsing, astrology, memory, alternative medicine, psychic surgery, pseudoscience, coincidence, and crop circles.

You can upgrade your experience with the deluxe version and see Brian get the spiked-hair haircut from the guys at Team Scam Stuff, or you can super-upgrade to receive the bonus footage PLUS a limited edition poster AND one of the actual original notecards used to construct the lecture 20 years ago.