Bamboozlers Deck

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Yes, it's a new deck, and what a deck: Diamond Jim Tyler's Bamboozlers Deck. 

Each of the 52 cards features a challenge, puzzle, magic trick, or bar bet you can do with items found in most homes or restaurants/bars.

And the best part is, only you know the answers, because the cards only have the questions.*

It's the perfect keepsake to keep on your desk or at your bar . . .

. . . the type of knick-knack friends and visitors will begin idly playing with, but eventually have them begging you for a hint.

The artwork looks gorgeous, and as always, there's nothing like that smooth glide of an air-cushioned finish.

They'll feel wonderful fresh out of the box and in your hands. And check out that tuck case with gold foil stamping.

*The deck contains a card that guides you to all 52 solutions for each of the challenges.