Modern Rogue Mystery Box Jackpot (2020)

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Mystery Box Jackpots are here — and for the first time ever, they're completely themed around The Modern Rogue universe: Gentleman, Warrior, & Scoundrel.

Here's how it works: We pack a box so full of value that you'll be surprised and delighted and feel like a winner.

All we can say is you'll absolutely love it — guaranteed or your money back.

What's in the box? ***SPOILERS BELOW***

If you want to preserve the mystery, stop scrolling now!














Pssst! OK, here's everything you're going to get in the box:


Modern Rogue Coffee Mug

Introducing your new favorite mug! We really love the gold metallic MR with black-on-black lettering underneath . . . and we won’t tell anyone if you add a bit of whiskey to whatever you’ve got in there. PS: You can put it in the dishwasher, but for maximum longevity, we recommend handwashing.

Solar Death Ray

Make fire by focusing the power of the sun! Use it as a survival tool, as a cigarette lighter if you want to die an early death, or just to have fun with. So far, we’ve been able to light cotton balls, fire starters (included), and a counterfeit $100 bill. Works best on a sunny day after you find the sweet spot—with a bit of patience.

12 Count of Buccaneer's Bounty

Win free drinks and get tons of hugs with our brand new take on a classic prank . . . fake scratch-off tickets! You get a full dozen tickets in your kit. Learn the full routine at and have fun scamming your friends.

13-in-1 Multitool (+ Hand-Wound Paracord)

The highest quality version of our All-Access Card yet. And, for the first time ever, we’ve branded it with the MR logo. It’s two blades, two screwdrivers, a ruler, hand-wound survival rope, hex wrench, saw, bottle opener, twine cutter, directional ancillary indicator, can opener, and butterfly wrench—all in one!

Hidden USB Cork Drive

This one’s really special: It’s a cool 16GB drive hidden in a Pruno Vineyards cork, plus it’s loaded with some super rare files including: three lost episodes of The Modern Rogue that never aired, early concept art, both Scam School books, the original pitch document for Hacking The System, and six video magic tutorials.

Butterfly Bottle Opener*

Bust open bottles like a boss with the coolest bottle opener on the freaking planet! You’re going to love playing with it. It works just like a balisong—without any chance of cutting off your fingers. Learn how to do all the cool moves at:

TMZ Cobra Credit Card Knife*

Fun fact: We’ve never officially announced this, but every Rogue agent is issued one of these folding blades as a last line of defense. (This unique batch was seized from 4,320 defeated Cobra agents.) If you ever need to personally defend President Kardashian, you’ll be glad this is in your wallet.

Cheek-To-Cheek Deck

Picture this: A mismatched deck of face up and face down cards is spread out in front of them. You turn your back, they pick a card, flip it upside down, and the deck is squared up. Snap your fingers, spread the cards, and magically all of them are now facing the same direction with only one reversed card left. It’s their card!

Parking Citation Pad

Our simplified take on an old classic. We love the idea of a fake parking ticket, but the ones from long ago are all super cheesy—so we modernized them! The person still experiences the panic of seeing it on their windshield before reading through it and realizing they’ve been had. Plus, you get to do it 50 times!

Combo Sticker Pack

Not only do you get all the stickers in a Mayhem Sticker Pack, but you also get over 10 brand new exclusive Modern Rogue stickers! The first half are for creating mayhem (learn how to use them at, and the others are brand new originals. We hope you dig ‘em.

Modern Rogue Dog Tags

This is one truly special original, and we hope you treasure it: A limited edition, individually-numbered set of Modern Rogue dog tags. Flash these to one of us in person and we’ll know you’re a true Modern Rogue.


The Modern Rogue is never far from a challenge. That’s why we’re equipping you with this sleek 6-in-1 tool that can be used to open boxes and drinks, repair items with small screws, and fight off ninja pirates. In fact, this veritable wonder tool is the same one I keep on my keychain as I travel the world.

*To comply with international customs regulations, another item might be substituted for this item.