Butterfly Bottle Opener

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It's either the coolest bottle opener on the planet, or the worst knife in the universe. Either way, you'll be busting open beers and flipping around the Butterfly Bottle Opener like a boss.

Hot damn, man. That butterfly knife. I love the way these feel, and I just can't get enough of flipping them open. Jason and I spent an entire Modern Rogue episode learning to flip these bad boys open, and it may be one of my all-time favorite episodes of any show I've ever done.


But WHOA, BRO... these things are illegal pretty much everywhere in the US, so you'll probably never get to feel the sweet, sweet satisfaction of flipping one open.

(Well, unless you're friends with us at Scam Stuff.)

While we can't sell butterfly knives for all the obvious reasons, we thought, how can we bring that satisfying butterfly knife feel to our fellow modern rogues?

Then, we found the Butterfly Bottle Opener.

The Butterfly Bottle Opener is either the coolest bottle opener on the planet, or the worst knife in the universe. But either way, you're gonna be busting open beers, and flipping this thing around like a BOSS.

Check it all out on this episode of Behind the Scam: 

Oh man— popping the cap off a beer after flipping this sucker open is such an amazing feeling, and I can't wait for you guys to get hands-on with it.

It's got all the action of a real butterfly knife, only a million times safer and more useful. Once you get yours, you can pop open YouTube and start diving into fancy-assed balisong maneuvers... have a blast!

Note: This product has a high likelihood of confiscation by Australian customs (and other international customs offices), so if you live internationally, please check your local and state laws prior to ordering as we cannot guarantee delivery of this item.