Daniel Garcia's Practice Pad

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You know that a professional close-up pad commands respect and gives your performances grace and elegance simply not possible on a regular tabletop.

And we set the gold standard with the $300 Rogue's Arena long ago.

But what if you could get those benefits of the $300 Rogue's Arena in a smaller, more compact, more portable form at only $45?

If you're looking for a practice pad that's super easy to take anywhere, we love this one from good friend and world-class magician Daniel Garcia.

Until now, these were only available to people attending Daniel's lectures, but for a limited time, Danny is granting you exclusive access to his private stock of DG practice pads.

And you won't have to break the bank to get yourself one.

While the premium Rogue's Arena would set you back around $300, we've got DG Practice Pads at scamstuff.com for just $49 today.

We're almost certainly going to sell out of our on-hand supply immediately, so don't panic if you see them in backorder … we'll have more in stock in just a few days, and trust me, they're worth the wait.

(Especially at this price.)

Each practice pad is approximately 16 x 11 inches with an emerald green padded upper layer. Flip that puppy over and BOOM — you've got an unpadded black surface you can use for other demonstrations.

And as an extra special touch, each pad has been embossed with Daniel Garcia's mark of quality: the DG emblem.