Stripper Deck - trick deck of cards for easy magic
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Stripper Deck (Pre-order – Ships April 5th)


Title: Stripper Deck

Woohoo!! STRIPPERS!!!

Oh, wait.  These are the cards, aren't they.  Damn.  Oh, well.
(We need an extra few days to find these bad boys, so we're shipping them out April 5th) 
These are pretty sweet, too.  Recently featured on Scam School, we taught you how to make your own stripper deck, as well as a few sweet tricks.
...but if you're anything like me, that episode looked dangerously close to work.  Good news, buddy:  we've got pre-made, machined stripper decks.  And they're not some crummy no-name brand, either.  These are authentic, poker-sized bicycle decks.  The same type of cards you're probably already using for your other card tricks!
Dig it: