The Rogue's Revenge - Self Defense Hat

The Rogue's Revenge 2.0

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A hat that's secretly a bone-breaking covert weapon!

Get the new and improved Rogue's Revenge 2.0!

Automatically add +1 Defense and a 2x Attack Multiplier to your everyday life.

Like its cousins, the Rogue's Ring and the Rogue's Flask, this cap features cryptic glyphs for 6 of the nastiest pranks we've featured on Scam School... stuff like "Bang Your Head," "the Kung-Fu Match," and "The Funnel," but its dark secret is the half-pound of non-toxic heavier-than-lead buckshot sewn into the back, transforming the hat into a functional black jack. 

Dig that:  no matter where you are, you're now armed with a powerful, non-lethal defense against attackers.

  Check it out in action:  

The Rogue's Revenge is actually a low-profile covert weapon.  Hidden into a multi-layered pocket are proprietary metallic micro-spheres that are 110% the density of lead; but unlike lead, this material is non-toxic and won't rust.

Encoded into the glyphs are take-aways from 6 Scam School episodes that focus on routines that are perfect for punking your friends or screwing with a difficult audience member:

Bang Your Head
Stick 'Em to the Bar
Kung Fu Match
The Lift
Nut Shot (Starts at 3:56)
The Funnel

The Rogue’s Revenge is the size of a standard baseball cap with adjustable velcro to fit most head sizes.

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