Sympathy For The Devil

Sympathy For The Devil

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Includes: Special Cards & Instructions

Imagine having a card freely selected and shuffled back into a deck of cards. At that point, it's impossible to find. Unless you solicit a bit of sinister assistance from the devil. No big deal.

After some shuffles and cuts, you proclaim that the devil has placed on top of the deck a card that will reveal to everyone the suit of the chosen card. This card is shown to be a spade and tossed face down on the table.

The spectator agrees that their card was a spade. An eerie beginning.

ūüėą¬†But there's more.

After mixing the cards once more you confidently announce that the devil has placed a card on top of the deck that will reveal the location of the selected card. The top card is turned over. It's a three.

The next two cards are tossed onto the table and you dramatically hold the third card face down as you ask for the name of the selected card.

Plot twist: the spectator confesses that their card was actually the first card¬†you showed them‚ÄĒthe one revealing the suit and the first one tossed on the table!

No matter, you say! The devil works in mysterious ways. With the power of the dark arts on your side, the face down card in your hand is turned over and it instantly becomes their selected card!

But what about the cards on the table? You invite the spectator to turn them over and on the faces of each is the sign of the devil!


Want to take this a step further? This illusion pairs great with a PYRO mini if you really want to scare the hell out of your audience!