Yandou Pipe

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Includes: Pipe, Tobacco Bag, Cleaning Tools, Screen Filters.

Sherlock. Gandalf. Our good friend So-Han.

They've all got one thing in common: they all look badass holding a one-of a kind, hand-crafted pipe.

Well, the bad news is that Gandalf and Sherlock are totally fake. And so are their pipes. YOU CAN'T BUY NO GANDALF PIPE BECAUSE THERE WEREN'T NEVER NO REAL GANDALF! SHERLOCK PROVED IT, I THINK!

(That's right. I'm pulling no punches.)

But you know who *is* real? Our favorite tea-slurping expert in Chinese herbs: So-Han.

(As he told me when we met: "Yes, So-Han. As in 'So-Han and so forth...'")

If you've not seen it, check out his wonderful guide to Chinese Tea culture we did for Modern Rogue.

At any rate, we all know we've got to jump on holiday gifts early this year, and So-Han has given all of us a wonderful and rare opportunity to acquire a special piece of craftsmanship — but only if you jump in during the next 72 hours, because we don't want these authentic bits of functional art to get caught up in the supply-line-apocalypse.

That’s a handcrafted yāndǒu pipe made with a real bamboo, copper and gold alloy bowl, and agate quartz bit. Whether you like to smoke or just want to pretend to be the awesome Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, anyone holding this automatically feels like a bad-ass.

The pipes are the real deal: each one is individually made in the Western Chinese province of Yunnan, and a significant amount of time and energy goes into the hand-crafting of each and every one.

Each pipe is made by hand at Dong Ao Zhu, a small studio with expert craftsmen. After that, they get some amazing packaging that really dresses them up even more. Then, they go to you.

If you're anything like me, you know you'd like to have a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art like this.

Real bamboo. Real agate. Really hand-crafted, and really from the land of experts in this stuff.

We're moving fast on this. They’re $119.99 and there are only 18 hours left to pre-order one from this special batch. After that, they'll be unavailable and this tiny studio across the world will get to work making each of them for you personally.

To be clear: we're only giving 18 hours to find out who wants one for this holiday season, and then we're going to get them made and air-shipped immediately. No shipping containers, because we don't want to end up looking like liars. First come, first served, so if, right now, you're already thinking of someone who will dig this... Jump in this very minute.

If you’d like to take advantage of this rare opportunity to own an exotic piece of craftsmanship from one of the far corners of the world, reserve yours right now.