Erasable Highlighter & Frixion Pen

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As seen on Scam School! Check it out:


Imagine being able to not only make ink vanish in the flick of a flame, but also reappear as something completely different! But how in the world is such sorcery possible?

With this special pair of pens. The first is the amazing Frixion pen which can be used for literally quadrillions of effects. For every star in the Universe, there's a trick you can do with the Frixion pen.

Now, get this. There's **another** pen (actually a special type of erasable highlighter) that has ink that APPEARS with heat—sort of the opposite of the Frixion pen. Not many people know about this one.


With their powers combined, the potential effects are infinite! Think of the miracles you can do!

Get a standard Frixion pen (ink that vanishes with heat) PLUS a Brite Liner erasable highlighter (ink that appears with heat) together in this bundle.