Legendary Lock Pick Expansion Set

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This Legendary Expansion Set is designed to take your training wheels off and give you a much more difficult experience.

The Legendary Expansion Locks are designed to fit in the original set's stand, however, you will need to remove the black plastic piece for the locks to properly fit in the stand.

You've seen our Ultimate Lock Picking Trainer, right? The kit that turns learning to pick locks into a real-life video game?

For those who've defeated it, we've received your victory e-mails, tweets, and stamped letters. Congrats, we couldn't be prouder of you.

...But that was just the beginning.

In the real world, you won’t get five stepping stones that gently guide you to success in lock picking.  You’re going to encounter nasty, gnarly foul-tempered beasts… So you might as well learn to defeat them now.

Since the day we released the Ultimate Lock Picking Trainer, we've had people begging for some next-level challenges. So we're proud to announce your hard-core training begins... now.

Get ready to face all-new practice locks, specifically designed by a master locksmith to put your lock picking skills to the absolute test. These locks are fully compatible with your current practice station: Just plug them in, and take your lock picking game to the next level.  
Defeat them all, and we will personally bow to your expertise as a fully-realized lock-picking pro.

Let's meet your new adversaries:

Rumor has it that The Devastator made it through three years of Harvard before washing out and turning his full attention to thwarting lock-pickers. He’s got spool pins in chambers 1 and 5, and has a serrated pin in chamber 3. (He’s still working on his undergrad degree at state college.)


To defeat The Devastator, the secret to picking these spool pins is getting the lock to a “false set” state (illustrated in the included guide). The serrated pins will try to prevent this but the false set is what you are looking for.  The serrated pins will bind up as you apply tension with the tension wrench, so the key is light tension while picking.


The Punisher wants you to know one thing very clear:  He’s not that guy from the Marvel comic books, and he doesn’t want another cease-and-desist letter.  He’s just a lock.  A lock that wants to punish you.  If it makes your lawyers happy, then call him just “A Punisher” from now on.

This lock only has a spool pin in the first chamber, so you may be able to pick this without the spool pin going to the false set position. (Good!) But try to achieve the false set on this so you can practice unlocking the false set.


This lock is kinda ironic, in that Dolph Lundgren played both The Punisher in that 1989 movie, but he also played the bad-guy Russian boxer in Rocky IV.  So it’s pretty weird that his spirit has been reincarnated as a hard-as-balls lock to pick , with a spool pin in chamber 1 and chamber 5, creating a more difficult version of lock #2a.

Good luck, and can’t wait to hear about your success and frustration.