Front Row Seat in 2024!

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It's a book, and you get to have it a year early.

I have wonderful news for you. This thing is THIRTY YEARS of research distilled down to one majestic, shining tome. 

You get a front row seat, you keep the chapters coming all year long, and yes:  Book Club is *exactly* like Fight Club.  Except that you can totally talk about it and there’s no fighting.


Bronze: You’re in. 2024 is our year. You get a front row seat to watch 30 years of boots-on-the-ground research finally unfold. Even better: you get to have meaningful input on the most important book I've ever written. (Voting shares!) You get the final ebook, and you get a very special challenge coin.

Silver: You’re better than those dumb, stupid bronzos. You get a numbered, silver challenge coin. Plus you get the audiobook, chapter by chapter as I record it! Also, you get an actual physical copy of the book in 2025, signed and numbered by Yours Truly!

Gold: PFFFT.  Those dumb silver bros. You, my friend, get everything they got PLUS YOU WILL BE IN THE BOOK. And your numbered challenge coin will be GOLD. But that’s not all: you get a GOLDEN TICKET! Use it to come to a workshop, Founders Day, or hit me up and stay at MRHQ!

Meteorite: Everything those dumb, terrible, um... and probably smelly gold people get EXCEPT your numbered challenge coin is, and this is not a joke... made of freaking meteorites. PLUS, you’ll get my full attention. What does that mean? You'll find out.

*Also, that picture is some AI BS. The final design will be created by a human artist and look even more awesome.