Hang with Brian and Matt while they tell you the truth about everything (Dec. 8-10)

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Schedule: Friday December 8: Informal meetup at the Wizard Academy
Saturday December 9: Day 1 of Workshops with Brian and Matt
Sunday December 10: Day 2 of Workshops with Brian and Matt


The weather is gorgeous, so we’re doing two days of campfires, workshops, talent shows and roasting marshmallows. This is complete, unrestricted access to me and my friend Matt Donnelly, and our only goal is to tell you our stories at our HQ in Austin, TX.

If I was trying to sell you something, this would be the pitch: I went from performing on a street corner to touring all over, and then did all the podcasts, youtubes, and TV shows, right? (You probably know this part.)

But amazingly, my friend Matt Donnelly has had a shockingly parallel experience: He went from washing pans to a career in improv and theater, and eventually reached Penn and Teller’s Fool Us!

In fact: he just finished 5 weeks on the road with “The Foolers” tour, and is chock full of stories.

Point is, we both know a bit about how to make it as an independent creator of any variety. And we’d like to invite you to two and a half days of hanging out together and learning everything we’ve learned about the biz.

(or just tell you mad stories of being on the road and how TV really works.)

Last year we had an awesome group come out. It was fantastic meeting everyone, and I can’t wait to find out out how many of you will join us this year.

The weather’s awesome and we’re keeping it super simple. Yes, we’ll visit Wizard Academy on Friday (I’m even pretty sure we can get a tour!), On Saturday, we’ll teach you what we know and spin stories. We’ll even end the evening with a talent show including both of us performing for you.

We’ll grill burgers and do a bunch of fun shenanigans here at MRHQ, and Sunday we’ll spend all day talking about your projects and helping you out.

And yes, we’ll have special surprises too, but most importantly, THE WEATHER IS SO NICE RIGHT NOW! Come do a workshop and get all the secret inside sauce!

Slots are limited, but it’s gonna be pretty great.