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Note: Many of these involve choices to be made. We will email and ask what your preferences are as the orders come in.

The Founders Club are the life blood of everything you’ve ever seen me do. And we’d like you to join our club so we can do bigger videos, more content, and create more magic.

3 tiers to be a part of the magic we do here at MRHQ!


Tier 1 -- Digital Deluxe Bundle ($50 Donation): For $50 I’ll send you digital copies of ALL the books I’ve ever written, including the ultra-rare Pack the House! Plus ALL the digital Extra Credit Episodes!  (That’s like a… some big number value.  But more importantly you’re keeping the magic coming.)

Tier 2 -- Puzzle Box Bonus Bundle ($250 Donation): Pick ANY puzzle box you want (including the Vox Tempus!) PLUS choose between a free founders pin or numbered founders challenge coin, AND YOU WILL ALSO GET FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. Plus, all the books I’ve ever written, etc. (This one is limited to only 90 units. That’s all the coins we have left.)

Tier 3 -- Exclusive 1-hour Zoom Session with just you and me. ($1250 Donation): 

This is the big one.  You get full hour of my time to talk about whatever you want.

Want to talk magic or work on your skills? I’ve got you.

Want to build your YouTube, social media, or small business?

I’ve lived it and can help. Want to shoot the breeze or give someone the ultimate fan experience?

I’m there. Marketing? Life advice? You name it, and we’ll talk about it one on one.