We're Having A T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Get the details from Brian and Jason:


We know $35 might be a few extra dollars extra for a shirt, but remember, this is a fundraiser and we're trying to raise money for desperately needed MRHQ repairs.

You know we're still going to offer you a great deal, right?

Here it is: If you become a patron on Patreon at any pledge level, you'll receive a special discount code that you can use at checkout to get about 30% off all the shirts and shirt bundles. Instead of $35, shirts will be just $25 each!

And if you stock up on shirts, shipping is FREE on US orders over $200! (Intl. orders get $25 refunded).

Hurry! We're only doing this for the weekend!

Go to: Originals & Patreon Exclusives 
Go to: New T-Shirt Variations
Go to: Women's T-Shirts

All orders are pre-orders, and the printing process will begin after the promotion ends. Some variants are available only to Patreon Patrons at the $30 level. These shirts have "Patreon Exclusive" in their title. If you purchase one of these shirts (or a bundle containing one of these shirts) and are not a $30 patron on Patreon, we'll need to get you signed up at that level or swap out the shirt for the non-exclusive variant of that style.