$48.95 of sweet Scam Stuff loot, for only $9.95.

$48.95 of sweet Scam Stuff loot, for only $9.95.

Introducting the Rogue's Lite Bundle. This batch-o-badassery should be in everyone's pockets:

  • Low-profile Credit Card Knife
  • Versatile All-Access Card
  • Outlaws Deck
  • Arcana Alpha Deck
  • Get Out of Jail Free Card

If you purchased all these separately, this stack-o-stuff would cost just shy of $50, but we're slicing this deal all the way down to $20. Yep! The whole enchilada-o-happiness for just $19.95!

And it get's better.

Take a couple of minutes to sign up for free at privacy.com/rogue and you can get this entire medley-o-merch for just $9.95. How? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Privacy.com lets you create virtual credit cards and use them online to protect your privacy. They're like burner credit cards, and when you sign up at privacy.com/rogue, they'll give you a virtual merchant credit card that's preloaded with a $10 credit to Scam Stuff!

That's $10 to spend on whatever you want at Scam Stuff. For free. Use it on this group-o-goodness, that'll get you FIFTY bones of scamtastic swag for just $9.95!