Take care of Father's Day gifts in less than 2 minutes!

Take care of Father's Day gifts in less than 2 minutes!

8 Perfect gifts for Dad!

Easy, killer solutions both you and your Dad will love from $10-$50.

All right, gang:  I don't wanna freak you out, but Father's Day is in like two weeks.  

I KNOW, I KNOW.  It snuck up on me, too...  and now, here we are with like, 72 hours to pick something super rad to prove how much we love our pop, and we've gotta place our order immediately to make sure it arrives in time.

Don't sweat it though.  I ran down 8 awesome solutions both you and your dad will love for as little as $10:

The Utili-key - $10

I LOVE this sleek 6-in-1 tool.  Disguised as a key, it has both phillips & flathead screwdrivers, a serrated and flat cutting blade, a bottle opener & more!

And this weekend only, it's just $10. 

Badassify Your Wallet - $12

Escape speeding tickets!  Open almost anything!  Defend yourself from pesky ninjas!  Includes Credit Card Knife, All-Access Card, & Get Out of Jail Free card.

$20+ of badassification for just $12.

The Arson Watch - $15

There's not a dad alive who won't love this:  Keep track of time, and with the click of a button, instantly summon a flame.  BOOM!  He's like James Bond!

Hottest watch on the market:  just $15.

BB Money Clamp - $25

Made from the best money clamp on the market, the BB Money Clamp is able to hold a single bill without letting go.  I've carried mine for years.

55% off this weekend only!  Just $25.

BottleLoft - $35

It'll double dad's beer space, but let's face it, you're really gonna buy this thing because, I mean, look at it -- it's freaking badass.

Discounted this weekend! Only $35.

The Rogue's Flask - $40

23 hieroglyphs are engraved on a hidden shot glass embedded into the side of this 8-oz flask.

A mere $40 over at Scam Stuff.

Whiskey Bullets - $45

These stainless steel bullets cool your drink without diluting the flavor, and the metal surface will make sure they chill much quicker than rocks would. 

Set of 6 bullets for just $45.

Dropcatch - $49

The top half of the Dropcatch features a durable metal bottle opener, while the bottom conceals a strong magnet that can hold 60+ bottle caps.

The coolest bottle opener; only $49.

Don't forget to let me know what your dad thinks of his new loot...  Bet he loves it!