Join THE FOUNDERS CLUB — Fewer than 25 spots left!

Join THE FOUNDERS CLUB — Fewer than 25 spots left!


Update: ALL donors get their name on a plaque!

Hey team: it's really happening... and we're SO CLOSE to making this work!

One year ago we bought a former cult compound and nudist colony, hoping to convert it into our new Modern Rogue World Headquarters. A place where we could tell bigger stories and have more awesome adventures. A place we could expand into more podcasts and fund more collaborations with your favorite YouTube stars.

Best of all: a place you could physically visit and hang with us.

And oh, man, was this place a disaster... but over the last year you wonderful people funded a brand-new septic system, we were able to build the warehouse that will become the new Modern Rogue soundstage, and I'm thrilled to announce the existing house is finally safe, clean, and ready for the first of our new friends to visit.

This is huge. It's all really happening, and I'm so, so pumped. We might even be able to start moving in next week.

But before then... we really need your support. We need donors to help raise a big pile of cash ASAP.

We don't often ask directly for cash like this, but we've got a few colossal financial monsters to slay in order to make it into the busy holiday season.

We're calling on all fans, friends, and rogues to help us fund the rest of Phase One of this amazing adventure.


Wow. I'm seriously blown away. 

Just five days after that first email and you beautiful people have already brought us halfway to our fundraising goal

This is the kind of momentum you get when people can tell they're part of a movement. When they know they're on the ground floor of something wonderful.

First off: let's no longer call this "a fundraiser to complete initial construction."

We deserve to be something bigger and more awesome. Like a Founders Club.

And every one of you who donates deserves to be recognized for the magic you're making possible.

So if you've already donated at any level, welcome to The Founders Club.

If you haven't donated yet, hop on board! We're going to have secret talismans and our own handshake and everything (as soon as we make them up).

Everyone in The Founders Club should have a presence at the MRHQ as well. Anything you can chip in will be appreciated, but we did cook up a few fun perks for you:

$50 Donation Level

We will send you an individually numbered, hand-selected piece of the MRHQ property. It's like getting a piece of the Berlin Wall. You'll have it right there in your house, and you'll know you're holding a piece of history in your hands. Numbers are assigned in the order they are received.

NEW: $100 Donation Level
Limited to 250 donors.

A limited edition, individually numbered Founders Club Challenge Coin. Now you can carry an exclusive part of Modern Rogue history with you. (This level also includes everything at the $50 level including an individually numbered, hand selected piece of the MRHQ property.)

Oh, and if you've already participated at any higher level, you're grandfathered into this. And if you participated earlier at the $50 level and want to upgrade, just jump in for another $50 and we'll automatically upgrade you.

NEW: $250 Donation Level
Limited to 100 donors.

All the perks of the $100 and 50 level, plus you'll get your very own tree on the property! We'll even get a brass plate with your name etched on it and attach it to the tree itself so when you come visit HQ, you can hug your tree and whisper sweet nothings into its branches.

We'll have to limit this to 50 people, since we only have so many trees at the front of the property. And once again, if you've donated more than $250 already, you're automatically included!

Remember, if you've already donated above these numbers, you'll get these benefits for free as an upgrade, and if you'd like to upgrade your donation to get the extra perks, you can do so by simply donating the difference.

$500 Donation Level
Limited to 50 donors.

All of the above, plus a much more rare and interesting piece of the MRHQ property, and also a grab bag of goodies I'm pretty sure you'll love. This one's more like getting a piece of the actual gate that first opened at the Berlin Wall, plus a bunch of cool toys.

$5,000 Donation Level
Limited to 10 donors.

Check your calendar, book some travel, and come be among the very first folks to ever get to stay on property with us. You'll have bragging rights forever and ever. It's going to be amazing and we'll get to hang out all day and do local Austin adventures.

$25,000 Donation Level
Limited to 1 donor.

All of the above, plus we name the new warehouse/soundstage after you. Yes, for reals. We'll get like a badass nameplate and everything. It's going to be magnificent.


You gang have made real magic happen over the last year.  We're SO CLOSE to the next chapter of this grand adventure, and I can't wait for you to be part of it.

Thanks for all you've done,