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***** PICNIC POSTPONED — new date TBA *****

There are multiple COVID-19 cases in Austin, and the CDC just recommended postponing all events with more than 50 attendees.

We'd have to cut pretty hard against the grain to have our picnic on April 4th and 5th like we'd originally planned, so we're officially delaying the event.

Don't worry: Your RSVP is still valid, and you won't have to jockey for position when we set the new date.

Now our job is to figure out the new date for the event that makes everyone happy. Wish us luck!

**** Round 4 Reservations SOLD OUT ****

*** Round 3 Reservations SOLD OUT ***

** Round 2 Reservations SOLD OUT **

* Round 1 Reservations SOLD OUT *


1st Annual Founders Club Picnic

If you're here, it's probably because you've heard on a podcast or through a super secret email about the VIP private party we're putting together at MRHQ in Austin

We can say this much:

We're hosting a big VIP private party on this year. We’re calling it the 1st Annual Founders Day Picnic. 

It'll be on the property you helped fund, so it only seems fair that I let you know before everyone else.

It's gonna be a blast: we're converting the soundstage into a live venue, we'll have music from Jomo and the Possum Posse, and we're bringing in our friends from the Ice Cream Social podcast for special editions of our Night Attack live comedy podcast, comedy shows, and even a magic performance  or two.

It'll be a day and a half of food, fun, games, and live performances. (Maybe a bonfire too if we can pull this off.)

We can't accommodate much more than 100 people, so we're releasing slots in blocks. We gotta keep it small because we don't want to pull a Fyre Festival on this thing... We want it to be an intimate, fun, and special day for all you hardcores.

So here's the plan: before we even publicly announce this party, you Founders can gobble up the whole first round of earlybird reservations:

This is the lowest price any reservation will be, and we’re going to sell out of this first batch of tickets immediately. So if you got here and saw the words "sold out," please sign up for the wait list if you'd like to come to the party. It's super important.

That'll let us know how and when to release the future blocks of reservations and help us budget appropriately for food and such.

Hope to see you there!

—Brian Brushwood

PS: Just to be clear: we're not trying to make this a fundraising thing. You guys already made Phase 1 a success, and this is us just trying to start a tradition to celebrate.

PPPS: No, seriously: If you missed it, get on the wait list. I'm pretty sure it's going to be harder each year to get an RSVP.

If you'd like to join us for a day and a half of awesomeness, please sign up for the wait list immediately, as those are the people who will be notified via email as each new block of reservations becomes available.

So excited! Can't wait to see how this goes.