BottleLoft - store more beer!
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BottleLoft - store more beer!

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If you're anything like me, you're always running out of fridge space for your beer collection.  BottleLoft will double your beer space, but let's face it, you're really gonna buy this thing because, I mean, look at it -- it's freaking badass...

Initially, I wasn't sure the magnets would be able to securely hold the beer in place, especially as the refrigerator door opens and closes.... but man, was I wrong.  Once attached to the magnet, the beer isn't going anywhere.

When you buy BottleLoft, we'll include two strips that hold 3 bottles each - allowing you to magically levitate an entire six pack of beer in your fridge.

Once I had this installed in my fridge, I basically walk in the kitchen three times a day and do this for about 15 minutes or so.... it's just feels too awesome not to.

I know what you're thinking... "c'mon Brian, I don't buy kitchen appliances unless they have a badass Hollywood-blockbuster-style trailer attached to them." We get that, so there's this: