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If you ever wished you had magic strength powers, our newest addition to Scam Stuff is perfect for you.

Break will give you the power to bend metal and break a coin in half...  It's totally visual and everything can be inspected.  Your spectators won't be able to replicate it no matter how hard they try, and they even get to keep the destroyed penny.

Imagine asking a group of people to empty out the coins in their pockets - you take one of the pennies and start to bend it in half until it breaks in half.  You even repeat the effect breaking the same coin a second time!

The best part is, Break is dead simple to perform, making it perfect for both beginners or seasoned professionals.

Check it out on this week's Behind the Scam:

With Break, you'll receive 25 handcrafted coins and 24 minutes of instructional material, showcasing different methods and performance tips.

You guys are going to love this one... blowing minds and shattering expectations as you break a coin right before their eyes.