Extra Credit 10: The Full Circle Bundle

Extra Credit 10: The Full Circle Bundle

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So I'm hanging out at MAGIC Live in Las Vegas and witnessing Alex Rangel get some of the best reactions I've ever seen with a simple, easy-to-learn effect that can go with you just about anywhere.

Trust me, it's better if I don't tell you anything else about it and you just watch the latest episode of Scam School and see for yourself:

Hot damn, this is so devilishly clever! Not only do you get a great reaction with the first reveal of the pin, but Alex's brilliant way of structuring the routine gets you more and more hilarious moments with the pin, and just when they think it's all over, the huge surprise is that you actually have done an absolutely impossible magic effect.

Alex got us a limited supply of these pins, which he tells us normally cost $73,000 each. And we believe him because Alex would never lie to us. And It makes sense because this is one of the best tricks in Scam School history.

We kicked it up a notch and sweetened the deal with a brand new deck of Outlaws Crimson and a special bonus Extra Credit episode where Alex Rangel, Daniel Garcia, and I talk though how to structure the comedy beats to get the most out of this gem. All for $24.99. Order yours today.

You are going to get so much mileage out of this one trick. Heck, it'll probably pay for itself in free drinks on the first day.