Covert Coin Knife (Pre-Order: Ships in 10 Days)

Covert Coin Knife (Pre-Order: Ships in 10 Days)


Available in two unique styles: nickel or half dollar.


The blade of this innovative new covert escape tool is discreetly concealed inside of a nickel! Its small but effective hardened stainless steel blade can cut plastic zip-ties, cord, duct tape, and more.

This unique micro tool was engineered to be both clandestine and pre-positioned for deployment. The most ignored things that people carry are coins; rarely does anyone pay the slightest attention to a bunch of coins, even during searches.

To deploy the blade, run your fingernail along the nickel’s side clockwise with the “heads” side up, and the blade pivots out ready for use. The coin provides a solid grip handle. 

Half Dollar

Featuring an aggressive circular blade made of superior quality Japanese steel which can cut cord, rope, duct tape, plastic zip-ties, and other non-metallic materials.

To expose the blade, the coin separates into two parts. The two parts of the coin are held securely together utilizing a rubber o-ring concealed in a channel around the coin's perimeter. The coin portions provide a solid grip handle.