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A multipurpose 3-in-1 gimmicked deck, and non-transitive dice that pay for themselves!

The Apex BOM Deck stands for beveled, one-way, and marked, but it can also be used as a regular deck of cards. Diamond Jim Tyler's Delta Dice keep it simple with three almost-normal dice, but with a secret statistical advantage that seems almost magical.

Let's start with: The Apex Deck

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Remember the first trick deck you ever owned? I remember mine. It was a Stripper Deck, and it was the most magical thing in the world. Without any sleight of hand, I could find someone's selected card in the middle of the pack—by touch alone!

Now imagine if there was a deck that allowed you to do that trick and dozens of others that use a beveled deck principle, but also allowed you to do all the other tricks that use a one-way pack.

That'd be pretty great. A two-in-one deck. But what if the deck was also devilishly marked? WHAAA— a three-in-one deck? Yep. That's the power of the Apex BOM Deck.

A deck of cards gaffed in three ways (BOM stands for beveled, one-way, marked) that can also be used as a regular deck of cards. With all three powerful principles at your disposal, you'll be doing tons of miracles in no time.

Plus… another Scam Stuff All-Star joins the roster—Delta Dice: magical dice that defy your understanding of logic!

Man, I've wanted to be able to get non-transitive dice in the store for a while. I loved the simplicity of just three almost-normal dice. But when I went to find them online, they always had crazy numbers and WAY too many dice. It ruined the simplicity of the story!

Before now, all I had were the ones I made myself by repainting normal dice, but now I can look all professional thanks to Diamond Jim Tyler's Delta Dice.

See them on the latest episode of Scam School:



The secret is knowing which color of dice to choose based on an easy-to-learn delta pattern. Choose the right color, and you'll have a dramatic statistical advantage that will enable you to win most of the time.

Even if they know the secret, you're able to keep the odds in your favor and have them lose most of the time! Because there's a second secret you won't share with them. >:)

An easy-to-learn simple secret that fits in your pocket.

Now let's bundle this up!

To celebrate this dual launch, we're doing a special deal: get an Apex Deck + Delta Dice for only ***$29.99***!

Yes, that's right— half off for both effects, but only for a limited time!

This bundle won't last long, so jump in today!

I know you're going to discover tons of things you can do with the Apex Deck and the Delta Dice and I can't wait for you to share your ideas with me and let me know what you come up with!