Octopalm Dexterity Upgrade Kit - easily palm anything!
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Dexterity Upgrade Kit

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With the Dexterity Upgrade Kit you don't need any skill to develop true wizard powers in minutes!

The Dexterity Upgrade Kit comes with Octopalm gel, the Antidote remover, a premium Theory 11 deck, dice, and a micro case to always keep on you.... PLUS, you'll get an hour of instructional video with 7 performance tutorials!

Just apply a bit of the Octopalm gel to your hand, and that area will hold any light-weight object.  Once the gel is applied, it's invisible to the eye, so no one will suspect that you just transformed into a human gecko.

I've been watching you from a safe distance for 2-3 years now.  You've been building some skills - and now I'm pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the Scam Stuff Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

What's that?

"Me?!" You might be wondering... "But, I'm no wizard! I don't have the time or patience to develop any powers of levitation or enchantment."

Well, that may have been true yesterday - but, my friend, you no longer need to go to a British boarding school for half of your life to develop actual wizard powers... thanks to the Dexterity Upgrade Kit.

It's all explained in this episode of Behind the Scam:

No lie:  the gel in this kit makes an astonishing difference in your palming.  A little goes a long way (you'll get enough to likely last you a lifetime), and once you've applied it you'll be palming anything like you were freaking Spider-Man.

Tuition to Hogwarts is a gagillion dollars and takes up 7 years of your life.  The Dexterity Upgrade kit costs $24.99, and you'll be an expert in minutes.

Eat that, Harry Potter.