Founders Day Picnic 2024

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Join us for a full day of food, music, comedy ... and a total solar eclipse!


Each year we celebrate the Founders Club by having a big, beautiful, joyful, and silly picnic. This wonderful, silly day is our way to celebrate all you incredible rogues and scoundrels who have made all of this possible. 

In 2022, we set a literal Guinness World Record for the world's largest cotton candy sculpture!

This year, we had an epic Skull tournament. And next year, there will be a total solar eclipse!

...So, you have a choice:

Are you a completely sensible person—one who might check the weather, and wait until the very last minute to book travel and hotel.

Heck, maybe even double-check the weather to make sure there will be clear skies when the total solar eclipse happens.

If you're that kind of person, I have a gift for you. Please enjoy this photo of Josie dressed up hilariously as an aquarium for a school play.


If... And I'm just saying... "if."

"If," you're the type of person who wants to dive in right now, and confirm your spot at the 2024 Founders Day Picnic... the one that occurs during a **total solar eclipse**...

...If you're the type of person who wants to watch as your fellow Founders get tattoos on the day that the moon swallows the sun, while surrounded by loved ones on 7 acres of spring-fed magic...

...a place that has previously existed as a nudist colony, a cult compound, and now an audacious independent studio...

...then now, right now, reserve your spot and start making your plans to be here.

Because the doors are officially open.

In the middle of the day on April 8th, 2024: it's going to be a Great Night.

According to the esoteric laws of nature, it will join us together in a sacred bond that transcends all eternity.


Check out all the photos on this product page for highlights from last year (and thank you to Anthony Lemos and YourManJeff for the images! Solar eclipse photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash.)

Note: For travel and lodging, join the Discord.