Founders Day Picnic 2024

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Founders Day Total Eclipse on April 8, 2024!


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Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since we launched MRHQ.

April 8th, 2019:  we had opening ceremonies.  Every year we could, we’ve had an epic picnic filled with games, announcements, concerts, comedians… Heck! This past year we did an epic tournament!

The winner got the most bonkers trophy I’ve ever seen!

Yes!  There’s a picnic this year!  Yes, you’re invited to spend all day with us!  There’s games, and even concerts, comedians, magic… the whole nine yards.  It’s truly a special day.

We’ve broken world records, hosted award-winning performers, but…  as most of you know… this year is going to be an extra special experience.  

Not only is it the 5-year anniversary…

There’s going to be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

*If you have never seen a total solar eclipse, prepare to have your mind blown.*

Plain-Jane eclipse viewings go for $500, $1,000… heck, $5,000 per ticket!

But us?  We’re family.  

And I just want this to be unbelievably special for all of us.

So if you come out to MRHQ, you’ll not only get the total eclipse experience, but also the picnic, games, comedy and the epic concert that I’m being quiet about for now, but am completely over the moon about. All for just $250.

Tickets are very limited. We’re already half sold out and I’ve barely promoted it. I’m about to start banging the drum about it in public, so take a look at travel options and let’s lock this in ASAP!

Confused about what this is? Hit me up at

Note: For travel and lodging,  join the discord.