Mega Marked Deck Bundle

Mega Marked Deck Bundle

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It's a Mega Marked Deck Bundle!


No self-respecting practitioner of pasteboard prestidigitation would ever be without a marked deck. Just ask your favorite sorcerer what they'd take to a desert island and they'll tell you: 1) a marked deck and 2) water. In that order.

(Because what good is hydration if you can't perform card miracles?)

And if you're looking for marked decks, we've got three on—each with their own unique markings and advantages.

The gold standard is the Ultimate Marked Deck ($40 retail). It's completely above suspicion because it looks almost identical to a normal Bicycle deck, BUT it's cleverly gimmicked in such a way that the markings completely stand out once you know where to look.

(You could probably be on the other side of that desert island and see these marks, but they're practically invisible to anyone else.)

We've also got the Vintage 1800s Marked Deck ($10 retail). It looks like an old and worn pack of cards, but hidden in these distressed markings are the value and suit of the card! It's the perfect camouflage and blends best when you've used the cards for a bit so they feel a little broken-in.

Finally, we recently introduced the APEX Deck ($15 retail) that's not only marked in symbol form, but also beveled and features a subtle one-way design so you can do things like identify a selected card even if you don't know which one was taken, cut directly to a chosen card by touch alone, and dozens of other effects.

You'd usually have to drop $65 to get all three decks together and become a triple (marked) threat, but for a very limited time, we're offering all three marked decks for $39.97! That's less than the price of the Ultimate Marked Deck by itself!

That's right. Right now you can get all of our marked decks for less than the price of one! You can even choose the colors!

(Well, except the APEX. It's always red.)

Here's the catch: We only have a handful of these bundles in stock, so this is going to sell out pretty quickly.

Oh, and if you want to learn a killer card trick using the Ultimate Marked Deck, check out this episode of Scam School: