Outlaws Crimson 50/50 Force Deck Bundle

Outlaws Crimson 50/50 Force Deck Bundle

 $34.99  $24.99
Force a card with zero sleight of hand.


Yes, of course I can force a card. And I know you can, too. We've all seen the Scam School episodes and we all know several awesome ways to appear to give a free choice while actually causing your mark to pick exactly one card.


Oh, man. That feeling when you spread the deck and show seven, twelve, twenty-plus cards and you're just watching the skeptic's finger slide back and forth over them, finally settling on the one card they're absolutely certain they chose of their own free will? It's pretty great.

Especially when you know they're picking the exact card you want.

See, the most important part of making a choice feel completely fair to the audience is maximizing the amount of time they have to choose.

That's what's so great about having a 50/50 deck in your arsenal: you get to show enough of the deck to convince them they're the same fair and well-shuffled cards they've seen... yet when you spread the deck, 100% of the available cards are your secret force card.

I appeared on Penn and Teller's Fool Us and headlined at Universal's Halloween Horror nights with a trick that—you guessed it—used a 50/50 force deck. And I did it every single night, six times a night.

It's great. It's easy. It seems totally fair, and it fools everyone.

So we're doing an exclusive run of Outlaws Crimson 50/50 decks for our favorite people—you!

We've only got limited quantities, but right now you can get a TWO-deck bundle, including a pristine Outlaws Crimson deck for all your regular tricks AND the super-secret outlaws 50/50 deck for $24.99.

All you have to do is fan them out and show the 26 different cards when you want the deck to look normal, then make sure that the spectator chooses a card from the *other* half of the deck when you want to force a card. Boom. Miracles.

Once you're able to force a card in a reliable manner, you can create dozens of effects that reveal that card.

For example, you can have their card appear across the room (just hide a duplicate there beforehand), or reveal it to them by "reading their body language," or if you want to get really fancy, you can hire a pilot to write the name of their card in the sky with smoke while you're doing the trick.

(Sure, that last one might cost thousands of dollars, but the person you performed it for will think you're the greatest sorcerer of all time.)


We make each of these by hand by surgically slicing open the seal and transplanting the normal deck with the special 50/50 forcing deck.

And we don't just toss them in a giant envelope and hope for the best like some of the big guys do. No sir! We seal each force deck in a plastic bag and protect everything with cardboard before packing it in a cozy padded mailer.

Now, you might think that the special gimmicked deck would be $40 or more like other gimmicked decks out there. And it's true that it does take a lot of time to make each of these, but we wanted make this a super sweet deal, so while supplies last, we're offering the whole bundle of TWO decks (one force deck and one ungimmicked deck) for just $24.99.

That’s an Outlaws Crimson 50/50 Forcing Deck PLUS a standard deck of Outlaws Crimson for LESS than the cost of two normal decks. It can't get any better, can it?

Oh yes it can!

Anyone with a brain in their head would just send out decks with randomly-selected force cards. Only a complete idiot would take the time to make 26 different options available via drop-down menu so you could get a deck with a force card that you like.


Which is why we did that.

Just look at the drop down menu above, choose your favorite of the bunch, and we'll send that exact deck to you.

If the specific card isn't too important, just choose the ANY option. :)

Hey, congratulations on your new superpower! You're about to perform the single most fair card selection in all of history!

That's pretty cool.