Premium Handmade Invisible Decks
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Premium Handmade Invisible Decks

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Please note: The Alpha deck is the White variant of the Arcana deck and the Omega deck is the Black variant.

For a limited time, EVERY Handmade Invisible Deck includes a FREE unaltered deck of the same type!

There's only one way to make Arcana decks better... And we've found it.

Picture this...You've just finished two or three awesome card tricks using your Arcana deck. You want one absolute jaw-dropper to wrap up your set, so as you gather up the cards, you mention "let me make a prediction here..." and, while everyone is watching, you reverse one unknown card in the middle of the deck and place the deck in your pocket.

"There," you say. "All set. Now, I'm going to try to control your mind to match the exact card you just saw me reverse," you say. "Fair warning: everything I say and do from this point forward is intended to guide you toward my selection..."

From here you guide them as they make their (completely free!) choices of the card's color, suit, and value... finally they arrive at a card completely of their own choosing. There's no chance anyone could have predicted their card.

Then, they watch you remove the exact deck you were just using, and reveal that you had accurately predicted their exact card. Immediately, the crowd goes incontinent. You are elevated on shoulders and praised. Within 3 weeks, you've been elected Mayor AND Sheriff.

All this and more... just by keeping a matched *invisible* deck of Arcana cards in your pocket alongside your regular deck. Pretty sweet, right? Unfamiliar with the invisible deck? Check out the Scam School episode below!

Having an invisible deck on you at all times is the best feeling on the planet. just imagine: you're at the bar, performing tricks and blowing minds when he shows up.

The skeptic. The cynic. The ...douchebag.

The guy who's convinced he knows how all your tricks are done. He might not say it to your face, but you can see him whispering in the background. From his gestures, it's clear he's got one mission: to take you down a peg.

If you want to defeat this level 8 asshat, you're going to need a completely unbustable, utter miracle of an effect. Something that works 100% of the time, and simply defies reason.

You need the invisible deck.

This is a special, completely awesome trick deck of cards that will allow you to prove that you correctly predicted any named card. It requires no sleight of hand, and is one of the most important decks in the entire world of magic.

After choosing Alpha or Omega, we give your order to our hard-working Scam Stuff staff to personally alter each individual card of the deck.

These alterations transform your deck from a beautiful, unaltered deck of playing cards into a pristine invisible deck that can be used for countless routines.

Since we make every single one of these painstakingly by hand, we really should charge like $2,000 per deck on this, BUT, since we really, really love you these bad boys are just $19.99.... PLUS, with EVERY Premium Handmade Invisible Deck, we'll include a FREE unaltered Arcana deck of the same type!

That's right, normally two decks of Arcana cards will run you $23.98, but we're giving you a standard state-of-the-art Arcana deck AND a handmade invisible deck for just $19.99.

Not ready to dive in on the premium version? Try out the standard invisible deck.