Rogue's Lite Bundle! (feat.

Rogue's Lite Bundle! (feat.

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(Included: One Outlaws Deck, One Arcana Alpha Deck, One Credit Card Knife, One All Access Card, and One Get Out of Jail Free Card.)

Howdy folks, Brian here of house Brushwood and I'm convinced this batch-o-badassery should be in everyone's pockets. And it makes a great gift too! Remember, August Day is right around the corner.

(That's the holiday where we celebrate the flying robot unicorn Augustus.)
  • Low-profile knife? Check.
  • Versatile metal rectangle? Check!
  • Sexy deck? Double check.
AND a Get Out of Jail Free Card? You betcha.

If purchased separately, this stack-o-stuff would cost $50, but we like to bundle things around here and offer a sweet deal to our friends. And that's all of you! Especially you, Alex.

So, like the razor sharp edge of the credit card knife, we're slicing this deal right down to $20. Yep, the whole enchilada-o-happiness is yours. 

It gets better.

Take a couple of minutes to sign up for free at and you can get this entire medley-o-merch for just $9.95.

How? Well, I'm glad you asked, Alex. lets you create virtual credit cards and use them online to protect your privacy, and when you sign up at, they'll give you a virtual merchant credit card that's preloaded with a $10 credit to Scam Stuff! 

While you can use the credit toward anything on (just remember to use the virtual merchant card to get the credit), if you apply it to this group-o-goodness, that's be $50 in scamtastic swag for just $9.95!

This bundle won't last forever, and who knows how long can continue to hook up fans and friends of The Modern Rogue, so head over to today!