Self-Working Magic Book Bundle

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225 Self-Working Card, Coin, and Mental Miracles

We really like these books and we think you will, too.

There are over 225 self-working tricks in these three books, most of them can be learned in just minutes, and the best part is you don’t have to be a master sleight-of-hand magician to do them.

They all work by themselves... which is probably why so many of these tricks have inspired Scam Nation episodes in the past.

tl;dr: These are three good books with a lot of tricks that we like a lot. We're going to do a one-time order of them, so we can all get a discount. You in?

You know how publishers do big discounts for bulk orders, right? We're continuing our self-improvement during quarantine by grabbing a batch of three of our favorite easy-to-learn books on cards, coins, and mental magic.

If you've got a bit of free time like we do, want to get in on that bulk discount with us?

Learn dozens of card tricks, coin tricks, even mentalism tricks without fancy moves—and perform them instantly! It’s the perfect thing to do while recovering from watching The Tiger King.