SMOKE 2.0 from theory11

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Turn any magic trick into a freaking miracle.

I'm unbelievably stoked about our newest addition to the Scam Stuff store:  This utility prop literally makes any effect you perform more magical, and it's a BLAST to play with.

Picture your favorite magic effect:  maybe you're vanishing a coin, transforming a card, re-sealing a soda can, or restoring a rubber band...  

...Now picture how much cooler that magical moment will be when you also SUMMON A PUFF OF SMOKE FROM NOWHERE.

Alan Rorrison and the Theory 11 gang have bested themselves:  they've created the ultimate, above-suspicion tool that will allow you to secretly summon billows of smoke from your mouth at any time, seemingly out of nowhere.

From a technological standpoint alone, Smoke 2.0 is a triumph.  All the electronics are perfectly concealed inside a Sharpie marker THAT STILL WRITES!  

Think about it:  the very act of personalizing your trick by having them write their name on their object will also give you ideal cover to set up the bonus aspect of revealing your transformation in a puff of dragon breath!

Smoke 2.0 is in every way a major leap forward from the original:  Bigger clouds of vapor, a fully functioning utility prop, and enough refills of ink and smoke to perform nearly ONE THOUSAND PERFORMANCES.

Wrap your mind around that one:  for a few pennies per performance, you can elevate any magic trick from a mere novelty, to a truly magical experience they'll remember FOREVER.  

And the best part is that you'll keep it on you at all times to use as your primary Sharpie marker! YOU CAN'T LOSE! 

SMOKE is intended for those 18 years of age or older. The type of gimmick included has been clinically tested as safe, but use, operation, and performance of SMOKE is understood to be at your own risk. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge consent and understanding of this message.