The Rogue's Flask

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It's back! An all time favorite is back for one last very limited run:
Reintroducing: The Rogue's Flask.

It's been over five years since we've been able to offer this gem, and we expect to sell out all of them very quickly. I don't even know if it'll ever come back.

The Rogue's Flask is a high quality stainless steel flask wrapped in black. Like its cousin, The Rogue's Ring, this flask features a totally badass retro version of the classic Brian Brushwood logo, encircled by cryptic hieroglyphs that instantly remind you of 23 different bar betchas and scams from Scam School.

But there's more. This central design element is actually the bottom of a hidden shot glass embedded into the side of the flask! 


We recommend that you hand wash the Rogue's Flask using warm water. It is not recommended to keep liquids in the Rogue's Flask for more than 48 hours or to soak the Rogue's Flask in water. The Rogue's Flask is not dishwasher safe.