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FOUR books worth of bankable bar betchas, brain bogglers, belly busters, and bewitchery. Small enough to slide in your pocket on your way out the door, these pocket-sized guides will have you winning free drinks at the bar in no time.

Spanning four volumes, Diamond Jim Tyler packs 300 incredible bar betchas and brain bogglers into these sleek, gorgeous, pocket-sized books. With their slick covers and silver-lined pages, at first-glance, Bamboozlers could pass off as a preacher's prized devotional book, one that might contain elaborate prayers and meditations. But inside, these books are tiny bibles for winning free drinks at the bar. The size of the books are an immediate advantage, as you can easily place these in your back pocket—ready for a surprise trip to any social outing. And make no mistake, these aren't just the same old tricks packaged in a nice new book—they include tons of stuff that you've never seen before on Scam School. Now these effects can be yours, along with the free beers you're sure to win with them.