Scam Stuff: Gear for the Modern Rogue - Magic, Spy Gear, Lock picking and more!

Introducing Houdini's Cell

It's finally here. Months in the making. The biggest, heaviest, most jam-packed-with-value puzzle box experience we've ever designed, and possibly the most challenging puzzle box we've yet offered.

Includes a just-released premium deck of Hudson playing cards, a limited edition numbered jackknife lock pick set, a see-through padlock, a set of tactical thumbcuffs, materials for making escape shims, a lifetime supply of invisible thread, and there's more.

We've also included an etched bottle opener that's secretly a USB flash drive containing a Digital Houdini Museum full of silent films starring Houdini, complete books written by Houdini, posters, articles, and even part of the only known audio recording of Houdini.

Plus, it also contains multimedia-enhanced versions of Scam School books 1 and 2 and hours and hours of our premium Extra Credit video magic tutorials.

Order now if you want the best chance of getting one in time for Christmas.

Puzzle Box & Contents

Mirror & Carrying Case & Instructions

Black Baseball Cap

Pin & Outlaws Crimson & EC10 Episode

Covert Razor Wire Saw

 $65.95  from $34.99


The Outlaws Vault

The Brian Brushwood Book Test

 $1,199.97  from $399.99


The Rogue's Tavern

 $1,449.96  from $259.99


Signed and Numbered Sheet

One Bracelet

The Rogue's Ultimate Magic Wallet

The Arcana Artifact

The Ultimate Lock Picking Trainer

 $239.98  from $119.99


Double Sided Target & Foil Deck & Metal Discs

Outlaws Relic

Smoke 2.0

Jackknife Set + Exposed Padlock Trainer

The Rogue's Ring

 $99.99  from $49.99



Full Kit

Trick Deck 3-Pack!

 $48.91  from $24.99


Default Title

SIGNED! Scam School Academy + Original Scam School Book

Trick Deck + Book Bundle

 $48.91  $24.99

Scam School Book + 3 Trick Decks

Covert Coins

from $21.99


Lace Escape Tool

The APEX Deck

 $14.99  $12.99

Default Title

Wallet Lock-Pick Set

from $14.99


Butterfly Bottle Opener

Default Title

Default Title

Scam School Academy

Default Title

The Utili-Key



Covert Coffee


Waterproof Container & Magnet

Arcana Playing Cards

 $129.99  from $12.99


One Birthday Card

Physical Scam School Book

Monarch Deck

from $11.99


Pen & Highlighter

Mayhem Sticker Pack

from $9.99