Gear For The Modern Rogue: Magic Tricks, Spy Gear, Lock Picking & More

2019 Fundraiser:Join The Founders Club

Update: ALL donors get their name on a plaque!


We're SO CLOSE to making this work!

One year ago we bought a former cult compound and nudist colony, hoping to convert it into our new Modern Rogue World Headquarters. A place where we could tell bigger stories and have more awesome adventures. A place we could expand into more podcasts and fund more collaborations with your favorite YouTube stars.

Best of all: a place you could physically visit and hang with us.

And oh, man, was this place a disaster... but over the last year you wonderful people funded a brand-new septic system, we were able to build the warehouse that will become the new Modern Rogue soundstage, and I'm thrilled to announce the existing house is finally safe, clean, and ready for the first of our new friends to visit.

This is huge. It's all really happening, and I'm so, so pumped. We might even be able to start moving in next week.

To make this happen, we're starting an exclusive Founders Club. Learn about one-of-a-kind perks and rewards here.

The Rogue's Revenge

 $50.00  $35.99

Black Baseball Cap

Houdini's Cell


Puzzle Box & Contents

Default Title


 $20.00  $15.99

Gimmick & Video Instructions

Default Title

The Utili-Key

 $14.99  $9.99


The Outlaws Vault

Badassify Your Wallet Bundle!

 $25.97  $19.99

3 item bundle!

Default Title

The Brian Brushwood Book Test

 $1,200.00  from $399.99


Pin & Outlaws Crimson & EC10 Episode

Covert Razor Wire Saw

 $66.99  from $31.99


One Bracelet

The Rogue's Ultimate Magic Wallet

The Ultimate Lock Picking Trainer

 $259.98  from $139.99


Full Kit

Full Kit

SIGNED! Scam School Academy + Original Scam School Book

The Rogue's Ring

 $109.99  from $49.99


The Outlaws Relic

 $119.99  $109.99

Outlaws Relic

Modern Rogue T-Shirts

 $32.99  $29.99


SMOKE 2.0 from theory11

 $80.00  $74.99

Smoke 2.0

Wallet Lock-Pick Set

 $35.98  from $12.99



Butterfly Bottle Opener