Vox Tempus

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Our Biggest Story Yet

2023's Puzzle Box experience is our biggest and grandest to date. But once you open the box, that's just the start of the journey. From there you'll begin your year-long puzzle-solving adventure through a unique ARG experience.

But what's inside, Brian?

Pft. We can't give away all the details. But I will say this: there are sci-fi themed Theory11 cards inside, an individually numbered ingot made of metal from the Modern Rogue Headquarters as well as rock from an actual meteorite.

But I'm gonna have to stop there. I don't want to spoil the biggest surprises, and the next part of the experience that leads into the ARG. That's where the real fun begins, and trust me, you'll want to discover it on your own.

Speaking of spoilers, I know what you're thinking and–HA! That ain't the final artwork on the box, so don't you go thinkin' you can solve it just by lookin' at it! You'll have to get the real thing to crack the code.