The Rogue's Ring 2.0

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Please note:You might consider ordering one size larger than your normal ring size since the escape device adds more thickness inside of the ring.

The 2.0 version of the ring has the same great features as the original:

  • Premium, high-quality build
  • 24* glyphs that represent 24 Scam Nation favorites
  • Hidden escape tool to escape handcuffs and zip-ties

But the new version also utilizes new materials, manufacturing process, and etching process on a high quality stainless steel so that the glyphs look better than ever before!

Guys--GUYS!  This is an actual magic ring:  It gets you secret society privileges, grants you a bonus of +1 to evasion AND adds +1 to your base charisma!  (Weirdly, that's not even much of an exaggeration.)  

First and foremost you should know that as far as I'm concerned, anyone wearing the Rogue's Ring is the hardest of the hardcore, Scam School army to the bone.  At one of my live stage shows?  Guess who's going to get to jump the line.   Need a personal favor?  Flash that ring and I'll do what I can to take care of you.  See me at the bar?  Show me this ring and I will personally buy you a beer.

Read that last part again:  any person on the planet who buys this ring and runs into me in real life... gets a free drink on me.  It's the least I can do for everything you guys have made possible.

But remember what I said about it having magic powers?  This goes way beyond me owing you a beer.  The Rogue's Ring has a groove cut out into which a special handcuff shim has been placed.  This is the exact type of shim that we've already taught you to escape from police-issued handcuffs with:

Even better, this shim has one serrated edge, so you can escape either from handcuffs OR saw your way out of being zip-tied!  Think about it:  you wear this ring all the time, and totally forget about the shim, until the one moment you find yourself kidnapped by drunken ninjas.  They nab your keys, wallet, and pants... but luckily none of them recognized your Rogue's Ring.  Within minutes, you've escaped and are back at the bar, totally pantsless.

On top of all of that, each Rogue's Ring is covered in cryptic hieroglyphs that provide crib notes for 24* different scam school effects.  No matter what room you're in, no matter what kind of crowd you're faced with, you'll have your cheat-sheet to perform 24 of the best tricks you've learned over the last 5 years of Scam School episodes.

Under fire, it's easy to forget your battle plan.  With the Rogue's Ring, you'll always be prepared for just about anything.

When ordering the ring, consider ordering one size above your typical ring size as the escape device adds a bit more thickness around the ring.

Don't know your ring size? Check this article out to help you determine which size to order.

Rings are currently made-to-order and ship separately from most other shop items.  Please allow a few extra days for production and shipping.


*Note, hieroglyphs may vary depending on your selected ring size