The Labyrinth

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Yes, it includes a new deck, and what a deck: For the first time ever, the world-premiere of Diamond Jim Tyler's Bamboozlers Deck. 

Each of the 52 cards features a challenge, puzzle, magic trick, or bar bet. And the best part is, only you know the answers, because the cards only have the questions.

It's the perfect keepsake to keep on your desk or at your bar . . .

. . . the type of knick-knack friends and visitors will begin idly playing with, but eventually have them begging you for a hint.

The artwork looks gorgeous, and as always, there's nothing like that smooth glide of a air-cushioned finish.

They'll feel wonderful fresh out of the box and in your hands.

Speaking of which, you get TWO of them!

One to keep pristine, and another to let everyone pass around without worrying about.

And that's not all . . .

You also get a full set of Diamond Jim Tyler's Delta Dice! (normally $35) 

We've covered these non-transitive dice on Scam Nation, and I swear they feel like magic: in any face off, with either 1 or 2 dice, you get to magically determine the odds-on winner.

These are the highest-quality versions of these dice yet: molded pips on industry-standard 16mm dice, they'll last you a lifetime, and never fail to surprise.

And finally, of course: our newest premium puzzle box, The Labyrinth. Our largest, most hands-on puzzle experience yet. Each unit is individually numbered, and they're shipping out first come, first served.

There are multiple ways to open this gem: use your wits, your guile, or your skill to unlock your reward. We wanted a puzzle experience that would reward opening the box again and again, and we couldn't be happier.

Here in the warehouse, we STILL keep catching ourselves opening it over and over again.

On top of all that, we included just a little something extra: as you long-timers know, each previous box contained a special talisman that earned you a free drink the day we meet in person.

Over the past five years, I've bought countless drinks for fans at shoots, conventions, and shows... but even more folks would tell me their secret token was back home.

So this year, we're including something small to put in your wallet, so you'll never forget it: a wallet-sized golden ticket that magically transforms into a free drink the day we meet.

Orders are open right now, and all boxes are shipped first-come, first served.

Includes: Puzzle Box, Two Bamboozlers Decks, Delta Dice, & Magical Golden Ticket.