The Rogue's Arena

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Snag the all-new Rogue's Arena for $249.99

I was a chump. No bones about it.

I mean:  I had good chops and all... I had solid card controls, a decent double-lift, and with a marked deck I could convince you that I could move the stars...

...but none of that mattered.  Every time I went to do a card trick, I'd hunch over someone else's table, invade their space, and delicately place cards around their chicken carbonara.

It looked stupid.  It made them feel awkward, and I always felt like a chump.

... And like an IDIOT I continued to perform magic this way:  Me: invading someone's space, showing them a trick they didn't ask to see, and all the while, begging their forgiveness every time I set down a card.

What bullshit, man.

Here I was, performing the knuckle-busting top-tier magic that took me years to learn, and yet everything about my posture, position, and demeanor screamed "please don't kick me out for being a asshat.  I promise there's a decent trick in here if you'll just give me a few more minutes..."

Man, that's no way for a wizard to perform.  That's garbage, and you deserve better.

It took me two years to save up for my first proper close-up pad, but FML did it change my life afterward.

Get a close-up pad, and you get a stage.

Not only do you define your performance space and command the respect of those around you, a good close-up pad will (#1) make every move you do look like the villainous Blackjack dealer in a James Bond Movie, but (#2) cause every single person around you to shut the hell up and listen to your story.

I'm not kidding you.  It's like magic:  The exact same people giving you a hard time during your card tricks right now will shut the hell up and get blown away when you perform the exact same card effects on a closeup pad.  Check it out on our latest video:

Part of it is that they'll recognize that you've annexed your own performance space.  Part of it is that everything you do will look classier on a performance pad.  Part of it is simply that you're working with an elegant, classy surface.  It's your freaking stage, man.  And they know it.

The most amazing part?   Nobody, but nobody will reach over and grab your props at the wrong time.

That's a promise I'm willing to back up personally.  I know it sounds impossible: I mean, what's changed?  You have a bit of wood and felt, and suddenly everyone's afraid to grab your shit?  Suddenly they'll all stop messing with your performances?  That's gotta be BS, right?

It should be BS,  but it's not.  It's just human nature.

Trust me.  Something magical happens when you set down the Rogue's Arena:  You define your performance space, and by doing so, you command respect and all your magic will look awesome.

Even better?  Flip the arena over, and you have a perfect, flat surface made of high quality walnut.  Dice tricks, match tricks, the cork drop and more... they'll all look amazing on this perfect hard-bar surface.

Yes, there are some insanely priced close-up pads that go for almost $500. We didn't want to do that with the Rogue's Arena. We wanted a top-notch experience that's an extraordinary value.